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Hi - I'm Thomas Michaels (nom de plume):

I MUST EXPLAIN WHY I'VE BEEN SIDE-TRACKED. ALL of the Las Vegas gaming information you will receive via the form to the right will be provided FREE of charge BUT has been delayed for good reasons. I have been distracted by something more urgent that necessitates my full attention. Late in 2011, my entire focus turned in a different direction when I discovered multiple preventable deaths and senseless catastrophic injuries had been needlessly suffered by gullible teenagers encouraged to foolishly "gamble" with their lives in a misunderstood obscure sport of which, many years earlier, I had been deeply involved. You can see more of the story for yourself by clicking here. I should be able to put some attention on getting the Las Vegas information you came here for provided soon. Thank you.

Las Vegas Information dot com is my brainchild. I have personally owned and operated businesses as a Pawnbroker, Gemologist, Jeweler and Jewelry Manufacturer. Over the span of several decades, I have also attended and graduated Nevada’s best technical schools to become certified in all types of casino slot machines, video poker technologies and most of the popular table games played in casinos throughout the world.

My knowledge base is rock-solidly reinforced by hands-on experience as a bona fide professional casino dealer and slot technician. After selling my own businesses in the early 1980s (during the inception of slot gaming digital technology and the beginning of the digital poker revolution) I became a certified electronics technician at Harrah's, the world's largest casino gaming and entertainment corporation. My specialties were electromechanical, digital and mechanical slot machine technologies during a brief moment of gaming history in which Harrah's simultaneously featured all three types of slot innovations. I’ve also dealt poker, blackjack, crapsdice, roulette and other games of chance in casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Why did I go through all of that? I decided many years ago that paying my dues as a real-life casino industry "insider" would greatly substantiate the depth of my casino gaming knowledge! To this day, I still don’t know of a better way to clearly observe and honestly experience the depths of the casino gaming industry than daring to personally venture deep into its bowels where dark secrets and hidden casino treasures all reside together.

Dealing in the World Series of Poker's original home, Binion’s Las Vegas Horseshoe Casino, along with other famous casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, I was presented unique opportunities to gain my firsthand knowledge via one-on-one casual conversations with the world’s greatest dealers together with legendary World Series of Poker players.

My exact teaching methods are the world’s best because I dare to take extraordinary measures that help me create exclusive learning concepts to significantly benefit everyone who applies these revolutionary methods to themselves.

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